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Can I complete my White Card training course online in Victoria?

white card training online in Melbourne victoria

O.K., it is a bit tricky.

In Melbourne and in the rest of Victoria, government department WorkSafe VIC regulates construction induction training (also known as the white card training course). WorkSafe Victoria does not allow online training method for the White Card courses. To receive a Victorian Construction Induction Card (White Card), a person must complete the formal 6 hours face-to-face classroom based training.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer white card training online. White Cards obtained through these online companies will have WA (Western Australia) or QLD (Queensland) marks on their side (the only two states in Australia that allow online training method for the white card training courses). The tricky bit is that although White Cards are nationally accepted, some construction sites (especially union sites) will not accept online White Cards because Victorian residents are required to attend a face-to-face White Card training course and hold White Card issued by WorkSafe Victoria (with VIC mark on its side).

Please note that online White Cards will be accepted in Victoria, if a person was a resident of WA or QLD at the time of completion of the online white card training, and moved or travelled to Victoria for work.

White cards obtained through face-to-face training are guaranteed to be accepted on any construction site all across Australia. Moreover, participants receive a Statement of Attainment (paperwork that allows them to start work) on the day of the completion of the training, and lost white cards can be easily replaced free of charge with one phone call to WorkSafe VIC. To sum it up, although the white card online delivery method has its advantages (it’s cheaper than face to face training and can be completed at anytime), we strongly recommend to complete proper face-to-face training to avoid any unnecessary drama in your present or future employment.

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