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How to get a replacement for lost or stolen construction induction card (white card or red card)?

White Card and Red Card Replacement Process

First of all, when you are trying to replace your lost or stolen construction induction card, you need to confirm whether it was a red card (in Victoria, red cards were issued after successful completion of the construction induction training course before 1st of July 2008) or white card (newer version of the construction induction cards that replaced red cards and issued after 1st of July 2008).

After the change over from the red cards to the white cards, WorkSafe Victoria keeps the records of the White Cards only. That means that if you lost your White Card, the replacement process is quite simple. All you have to do, is to contact WorkSafe on 1300 852 562 (choose option 2) and order the replacement white card. The process takes around 10 business days and it’s free of charge. When ordering the replacement white card, double check that WorkSafe has your current address on their records. Also, we recommend obtaining your construction induction card (white card) number from them. You can provide that number to your employer or WorkSafe inspector and use it as a proof of completion of the construction induction training while you are waiting for your white card replacement.

With the old red cards, the replacement process is a little bit trickier. As it was mentioned before, WorkSafe does not hold records of the old Red Cards. The only way to get replacement for the Red Card is to contact original training provider (i.e. the training company that issued the construction induction card (red card) when you’ve completed your training before 1st of July 2008). In Melbourne, Victoria, unions (e.g. HIA or CFMEU) used to do a lot of construction induction training back in the day, so there is quite a high chance that your red card was issued by one of them. Click here for examples of the old red cards (Scroll all the way towards the end to see the examples of the old victorian red card, if you can recognise your red card from the examples provided, contact respective union for the replacement).

Unfortunately, if you can’t find training company that delivered the red card training course or the training company does not exist anymore, you’ll have to complete construction induction training course again.

If you do need to complete your construction induction training course again, please contact us on 03 9820 0051 for bookings and enquiries or visit our online booking page to book your seat. Edway Training delivers White Card training course 6 times a week (including Saturdays) from 3 different locations (Melbourne, Sunshine and Hallam).

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