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Red Card Vs. White Card. What’s the difference?

Difference between Red Card and White Card

Essentially, there is not much of a difference between Red Card and White Card.

Both cards represent Construction Induction card, which is issued to a person after successful completion of the General Construction Induction training (official course name is “Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A). The difference is that White Cards are issued under the new national approach to the Construction Induction training. This new approach that replaced old state based Construction Induction training was implemented in 2008.

Before 2008, Australian states and territories had local state based trainings and cards issued under those local regulations were accepted in their respective states only. For example, in Melbourne and rest of Victoria, it was the Red Card, Sydney and NSW had Green Cards, Queensland and Western Australia issued Blue Cards.

After 2008, national approach to the training has been introduced and the cards issued under that approached are valid all across Australia and became known as the White Cards. The old Red Cards are still valid and accpeted in Victoria. But when a person completes Construction Induction training these days, they receive White Card. The old colour cards are not issued anymore.

As it was mentioned before, the major difference is that White Cards are accepted all across Australia not just in Melbourne. So if you go for work interstate, you won’t have to do the training again.

Another benefit of the White Card is that it can be easily replaced when it’s lost or misplaced. All it takes is just a phone call to the Victorian WorkCover Authority (previosuly known as WorkSafe Victoria). Replacement process takes about 10 business days and it’s free of charge.

When the Red Card is lost, it has to be replaced through original training provider (i.e. company that did the training in the first place). If a person cannot find the company, the training has to be done again.

Please note, that if you still hold original copy of the Red Card, we can transfer it to the White Card. For more information, please visit contact us page and send us an enquiry or give us a call on 03 9820 0051.

To sum up, a White Card is a new improved Red Card. A White Card valid all across Australia and can be easily replaced when it's lost or stolen.

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